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Maine PD News has temporarily suspended the normal format to keep Mainers with PD apprised of the risk of COVID-19, and of relevant activities in our state.  Older people are at higher risk of complication from this virus,and I want to help you avoid the virus. Much of this information presented here is about the COVID-19 disease, and applies to people with PD everywhere.  As always, if you are not a Mainer you are still welcome on this website. 

I want to take a moment to explain why a neurologist would write about a viral infection.  As a medical doctor I am interested in virology, and as a neurologist I am familiar with many infections of the nervous system.  Prior to medical school I earned a bachelor of science in microbiology, spent four years working in a microbial genetics lab, and took a graduate seminar in virology and infectious disease.   

I wish you all good health.  

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Maine PD News is a quarterly newsletter about Parkinson’s disease in and out of the state, and is intended for PD patients and their caregivers. This is not a site for medical advice.  Instead, I hope as editor to bring thought-provoking and helpful information about treatment, resources, specialists, affiliated health care providers, data from new published studies, news items in PD and science at large as it may pertain to PD.   There is a great deal out there that is science-based, and there is a great deal that is not.  Science is spoken here.

This is a unique time because movement disorders has grown in our state in the last few years and we have five fellowship trained movement disorders subspecialists: Drs. Poulopoulos and Unia in Bangor,  Drs. Kleinman and Dodwell in the Portland area, and myself in Brunswick.  We have also seen a growth in related PD care with exercise classes and programs directed at patients.  Physical therapy is much more widespread, patients are reporting more involvement in the support groups, and networking is bigger and better in our PD community, in no small part due to all who have come before us.  I think their perspective is important. Enough for now; let’s get started.  Articles are accessed by clicking on the link in the menu.  You may print, email, or share an article by clicking the “share” button below articles.   If you would like to subscribe and receive new articles or posts by email, please add your email address and hit the subscribe button.

-Bill Stamey, M.D., April, 2016

Maine PD News receives no outside funding or support and this is a strictly not-for-profit enterprise.